Our Mission is to create a better future by helping students develop a greater sense of 

We provide an unmatched peer-to-peer mentoring program based on the consistency, caring and humble confidence Tate Myre displayed during his life.

trust. love. build.

Growing up can be tough. 

Having a friend that you trust can make it a lot easier. 

Tate Myre


42 Strong was created to carry on the legacy Tate Myre started during his short life with us. Tate lost his life along with three other students on 11/30/2021 by a teen who had been failed by every person in his life. If that teen had a mentor, if someone had been there to help draw attention to his red flags, redirect him on a positive path, and give him a purpose – 11/30 would have been avoided.

Tate sought mentors to help with his personal growth. He then took time to help others and encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves.

Our program connects mentors in grades 10-12 with mentees in grades 7-9. The goal is to create important connections to help navigate these challenging years.

Our goal is to build strong peer to peer relationships.

Peer mentoring relationships are quite simple, but have the potential to create amazing outcomes such as:
+ Increased connectedness to family
+ Increased connectedness to peers
+ Increased connectedness to school and community
+ Improved self esteem
+ Improved overall well being

It is our hope that the participants of the 42 Strong Mentoring program experience these effects and more!

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to create a BETTER, BRIGHTER & SAFER future for our youth.

Tate's Traits

Every day we strive to be

I like this program because i get to meet a lot new people and we get to come together for monthly events and get to have fun and spend time with our mentors. I also like this program because i really like my mentor and we get to hang out a lot and I can tell her anything. This is a great program because we are following Tate's legacy and all his traits.
Taryn Moore
Mentee, 6th Grade
I wanted to be apart of 42 Strong because i didn't have a lot friends in middle school i decided to be a mentor because i wanted to provide someone with the opportunity that i never had back when i was in middle school and i know what it's like to need a friend.
Maya Derey
Mentor, 11th Grade